10-Social Media Checklist for Small Business Owners
Time:2016-02-16 12:05:25
I met an old friend the other day that was complaining about the lack of customers for his business. He spoke eloquently about his company’s offerings and shared a couple of brochures with me. I was impressed with his offerings and realized they were as good as any other in the market. The pricing was right and the quality was a notch above other products offered by competitors.
So where exactly did my friend go wrong? Why isn’t he able to make any profits? Where are the customers?
I decided to investigate further. I asked him about the marketing channels used by his business to approach the target audience. A quick glance at the data provided by him highlighted a major mistake – his business was not represented on social media. His company didn’t have a profile on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn. He relied on telephonic calls and a website to get in touch with customers. Is this enough? The answer is an emphatic NO!
According to a recent survey, around 93% of small business owners revealed they used social media sites to reach out to their target audience. This is an amazing figure that highlights how important social media is to businesses today.
How prepared are you to excel on social media sites? Have you taken necessary steps to outshine competitors on sites such as Facebook and Twitter?
This checklist will help you make the right moves for your company on social media sites. Read through the points mentioned here to get ahead of competitors:
1. Understand your target audience
There is no point using social media if you have no clue about your target audience. Do an in-depth study to learn their likes, dislikes and concerns. Your study will reveal interesting insights that will help you launch and maintain the ideal social media profiles for your target audience.
2. Understand what your company seeks to achieve through social media
What are the business goals you seek to achieve online? Understand how competitors with similar target audiences build their presence on social media. Learn positives from them and use them to interact with followers on social media profiles. Get in touch with them, answer their questions and take care of negative publicity in a careful manner. This will help your brand go places online.
3. Create a social media strategy
A social media strategy is a must if you seek eternal glory. This strategy document must be attuned to your business goals and should be flexible and scalable enough to seek newer pastures online.
4. Create the right Social Media profiles
You don’t need a presence in all social media sites – just make sure you create profiles on sites that matter most to you and your target audience.
In most probability, a presence on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will boost your brand’s visibility in a big way. You will definitely find a following on these sites. Other sites such as YouTube, Instagram and Google+ are worth a look as well.
social media stragtey
5. Create a content calendar
The quality of content will play a crucial role in how you fare online. Create a calendar that explains the nature of content that will be showcased on your sites. This calendar can be adjusted to ensure more relevant content is scheduled whenever required.
6. Create awesome content
Anybody can create posts but only awesome content wins admirers! If you want to excel, you will have to make sure that your content turns heads. Followers should like and share your content so that you gain maximum visibility.
7. Engage with your target audience
Awesome content brings a steady a flow of followers who will want to engage with you. Don’t ignore them! Exchange ideas with them in an engaging manner.
8. Provide regular offers and discounts
Everybody loves offers! If you have a range of products, then you should make sure you announce regular discounts for them on your social media sites. This will help increase positive interest for your brand.
9. Launch contests
Exciting contests are a good way to generate interest in your brand. The first step is to finalize contests that will be appreciated by your followers. For this, you will have to search competitor sites for great ideas. Give these ideas your own touch to ensure followers connect with them. You can choose prizes for these contests by selecting products from our inventory. For example, our range of personalized duffle bags have always been popular as prizes.
10. Evaluate your social media strategy
It’s important that you evaluate your strategy at regular intervals. This will help you update the content calendar while keeping up with competitors on a regular basis.
We hope you found this checklist useful. Use it if you are just starting out online or if you are finding it difficult to connect with your followers.
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